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Greylock Hackfest unites the best university hackers across the nation in a competition of heroic talent and incredible ability. Teams will have 24 hours to showcase amazing feats of engineering—and the top 10 teams will vie for the crown of Hackfest Champion. By winning on-campus hackathons like PennApps and The Big Hack, over 40 students have already earned their entry to Greylock Hackfest. Space will be limited, and we will take only the very best. So grab your capes, don your utility belts, and apply today!


Deadline to apply: 07.07.2013

Reid Hoffman Greylock, Partner
Nathan Biecharczyk Airbnb, Co-Founder & CTO
Scott Dietzen Pure Storage, CEO
Kevin Rose Google Ventures, Partner

Second Place First Place Third Place
Lunch at Greylock with our Partners Meeting with Reid Hoffman ...
$250/student Airbnb credits $500 per student Airbnb credits $150/student Airbnb credits
$2k/student AWS credit $3k per student AWS credit $1k/student AWS credit

First Place

  • Private dinner with Reid Hoffman
  • $500 per student Airbnb credit
  • $3k per student AWS credit

Second Place

  • Lunch at Greylock with our Partners
  • $250 per student Airbnb credit
  • $2k per student AWS credit

Third Place

  • $150 per student Airbnb credit
  • $1k per student AWS credit
Raffle prize sponsored by Silicon Valley Bank

One lucky student will win a food truck party at his/her campus!

Previously at Hackfest...

Last year's Hackfest—hosted at Dropbox—pitted 40 teams against each other for the title of Hackfest Champion. Our panel of judges featured some of the most influential entrepreneurs and visionaries of today's hottest tech markets, including: Reid Hoffman (Greylock, Partner / LinkedIn, Co-founder), Kevin Systrom (Instagram, CEO), Mike Schroepfer (Facebook, CTO), and Mike Olson (Cloudera, CEO).

Congratulations to toaster.js, winner and reigning Champion of Hackfest 2012!

public GreylockHackfest2012(){
  _awesomeJudges = true;
  _greatFood = true;
  _stellarHacks = true;
Karan Parikh UIUC
Greylock really stood out because of the office hours that they had; fifteen minutes with DJ Patil was able to take our hack from a loose idea to a strong and ultimately successful entry in greylock hackfest.
Roger Chen Stanford
Greylock Hackfest was a great way to work with hackers from all over the country who created products that you have never imagined before. The event had an inspiring vibe and we would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to build cool things!
Toaster.js team

Rules, Prizes & Judging

  • 24h competition (doors open at 11am on 07.27.2013).
  • Hackfest champions will be honored with an incredible opportunity—a dinner with luminaries from all corners of the tech world!
  • Judging criteria and additional prizes to be shouted from the rooftops soon.
Airbnb’s Not-So-Secret Lair 888 Brannan St · San Francisco

Eligibility & Deadlines

  • Only university students are eligible to participate.
  • Limited space: up to 170 spots.
  • Maximum of 4 students per team.
  • Registration deadline is July 7, 2013.
  • Selected participants will be notified by July 13, 2013.
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Greylock Hackfest

It's a bird… It's a plane… It's greylock hackfest! Hopefully evil has other plans that weekend—because you and your team will be too busy building something awesome.

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We'll let you know by June 1st if you've been selected to participate in Hackfest2!

We've now closed registration for the Hackfest, and we'll be notifying selected teams by July 13th. Questions? Please contact Julie Deroche (

We want to know why you're a contender — why you just may be the best. What's your specialty? What's the geography of your passion? Got an area of supreme expertise? Awesome. What is it? If programming languages were superpowers, what would that make you? Make sure to throw down a link or three: blog, GitHub, HackerLeague, LinkedIn — anything impressive.

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